Photography Lessons

In order to get photography lessons, one usually needs to attend a photography school or take classes at the local collage.  There are also schools which offer excellent distance education such as Kelby Training.

That being said, there are several websites offering lessons at no cost, Photoluminary being one of them.

Below is the current list of photography lessons.


Beginning To Intermediate Photography Lessons

1.  What Is A Good Photograph?

My first instinctual answer to this question is that what constitutes a good photograph is going to be highly subjective.  If I look at a photograph and say “that is a good photograph”, does that mean that it is so? …

2.  History Of Cameras

The history of cameras goes back further than most people realize.  In the 16th and 17th centuries, cameras were able to project images onto paper and glass.  However, printing the images captured by early cameras was not to come for many more years …

3.  Camera Aperture Explained

Camera aperture is like a faucet.  In my very first photography class, I at first felt intimidated while my instructor explained the concept of aperture.  Once the faucet analogy was introduced however, I could grasp the concept …

4.  Shutter Speed Tutorial

In any case, let’s start with a basic explanation of shutter speed.  In simplest terms, shutter speed is the length of time that a camera’s shutter remains open when taking a photograph. Together with aperture, the shutter speed controls the amount of light that reaches either the film or digital sensor …

5.  Define Camera ISO

Anyway, to continue on with the photography lessons that I mentioned several posts ago, I decide to define ISO in this post.  In traditional film photography ISO (film speed) is the measure of the film’s sensitivity to light …

6.  Digital Zoom Vs Optical Zoom

Digital zoom is not “true” zoom, as all it really does is digitally enlarge part of the image, which simulates “true” zoom.  Typically, there is a noticeable loss in image quality when digital zoom is used, so it is really not desirable …

7.  What Is Lens Speed?

Lens speed is basically the maximum amount of light that a specific lens can transmit in a specific length of time.  Essentially, a lens that transmits a lot of light is called a “fast” lens, and a lens that transmits less light when fully open is called a “slow” lens …

8.  Focal Length Explained

The focal length of a given lens determines the size of the recorded image on your digital sensor.  Lens focal length was confusing to me personally, until it was explained to me in basically this way …

9.  Perspective Distortion

When part of a subject in a photograph appears to be larger than the rest of the rest of it or larger than than the other objects in a photo, this is called Perspective Distortion.  Perspective distortion, which is related to focal length, appears to increase as the camera gets closer to the subject …

10.  Image File Formats

There are five main image file formats used in digital photography.  In this article, I am going to describe each of these file types, and when they should be used …

11.  Natural Light Photography

Photography has been described as “painting with light”.  The camera is the “brush” and the “light” is the paint.  In this post, I will be detailing how to use natural light in your photography …

12.  Rules Of Composition In Photography

While there are not technically “rules” of composition in photography, there are some strong suggestions to follow.  Simply pointing your camera at an attractive scene and hoping to convey the drama in front of you simply isn’t enough …

13.  Focusing Your SLR Camera Tips

Many times an image can look perfectly fine when viewed at a very small resolution.  However, the same image when viewed larger or at 100% resolution can be distressingly out of focus …

14.  How to Make Money Selling Stock Photos

“Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow”…

15.  How to Build A Successful Photography Affiliate Website

“Get rich slow with lots of hard work” is the truth of the matter.

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  1. Bob Stubbs says:

    Found your site surfing this morning. I’m going to share it with my wife. She needs some help with her photography skills.

  2. Hi Bob,

    I’m glad to help your wife with her photography skills. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Max Parr says:

    I´m a Portuguese Web Designer and found your site in my web search today, it’s a very good site for photography, keep the good work Rachael 🙂

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