Consciousness, Universe and Everything

This post reflects the personal spiritual Renaissance I’m experiencing right now.  I hesitate to use the word God since it can ruffle so many feathers but “God Consciousness” is the best I can do.

For the devout atheists who might come across this post, I mean no offense.  I just hope that these images convey what I am feeling right now.

We are all one.  Love and respect of fellow man and all creatures is paramount.  Together, no matter what our spiritual beliefs, we can change the world and make it a better place for all! If I’m sappy, so be it.

Love to all.


Translation not available

Helping the homeless

elephant learning

In the end, only kindness matters


Helping Hand

43/365 Helping

with a little help ...


The Flowers of Spring...

Touched by the Light

Papy Blues - 2

Maldon Artist.

Imagine That


The Falling Angel (Meteorite) and the Spinning Top.

Light Years

2 Responses to Consciousness, Universe and Everything

  1. Ian says:

    Lovely photos, good luck with the spiritual renaissance. The true renaissance is only achieved through direct experience when the illusory concept of an “I” dissolves. Your natural state is that which exists prior to thought similar to when you first wake up in the morning prior to thinking.

    May you be happy.

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