Interesting Portraits from Flickr

I’ve got faces on the brain tonight!  I usually don’t like portraits that are too contrived, although there is the occasional exception.  I don’t know…I like what I like and I know it when I see it.  I’m such a shut in taking care of my babies these days so most of my photography time involves admiring other people’s photography! I hope you enjoy these interesting portraits as much as I do.

interesting portraits

Karl Oskar Lööw, Fredhäll, Uppland, Sweden

Andy's Imaginary musician

Uncooperative little boy

interesting portraits kenya

girl with vintage camera

old lady with sun glasses

A Surma smile Ethiopia

Nobile barbone..........


Man's best friend

In the Street no teeth

big blue eyes smoking

I'll try anything once girl face

one and only glasses face

New York portrait man

scooby doo?

~ You Wreck Me (She's An Artist) (She Don't Look Back) (Thank You, Tom Petty & Bob Dylan)

Guy with tattooed face and Beautiful chick

Love dad and baby

cornrows and baby portrait

Claude Cahun, Self-Portrait, from Bifur, no 5

Vampira V

adlib444 show (31) - Sexy International Paris Film Festival #2 - 24-27Jun10, Paris (France)

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