Photography Websites – Best 10

In this post I would like to honor my favorite 10 photography websites.  Since the “best” is really a matter of opinion, you might not agree with my personal favorites.  Feel free to add your own in the comments section, I’m always wanting feedback.

So, here we go…

Photography Websites – Best 10

    1. Stuck In Customs is perhaps my absolute favorite photography website.  Trey Ratcliff has turned into quite the photography celebrity over the years and for good reason.  His website is truly larger than life.  Vibrant colorful design and a vast collection of beautiful HDR photography set Stuck In Customs apart.  If you can’t already tell, color is my thing.  Anyway, I can only bow in reverence to the online empire Trey has built up.  There is nothing like “Just Do It”.  There are certainly better photographers in the world, but from a business standpoint, Trey is a genius.
    2. Digital Photography School is an amazing and huge site featuring a vast collection of tutorials, many written by readers.  There is a wide range of focus so one can find articles on cameras, photographing specific subjects, and post-processing techniques.  There is also a well populated forum, containing a mind blowing number of topics to sift through.  Also, if you have a photography site of your own, you can submit guest posts which will contain a link to your site.  Great for traffic and exposure!
    3. Weather Photography is exactly what it sounds like.  There is a vast collection of lightning photos, clouds, atmospheric phenomena, snow, and even astronomy.  I guess it’s pretty geeky of me to include this in the list.
    4. The Luminous Landscape, besides being a very cool name, really shines with it’s huge collection of product reviews.  This guy has been busy in a way that I can only dream of right now!  My 3 year old and 4 month old daughters can really suck a day away.  Love them 🙂
    5. Great Photojournalism is such a snazzy site full of the best work from professional photojournalists.  Most of the work featured goes beyond mere “journalism” and enters into the territory of thought provoking art.  The truth can be so beautiful and so haunting.
    6. is a beautiful and unique photography website with the tagline “In Pursuit of the Sublime”.  I’ve been in pursuit of that very thing my entire life so this site really gels with me.  Work from many photographers are featured, as well as very detailed user submitted tutorials.  I’ve learned quite a bit on this site and have received much inspiration.
    7. 500px enables photographers to create beautiful online portfolios Pinterest style.  I only recently discovered this site for photo display and sharing, but I already love it.
    8. DeviantArt is a great source of free stock images, as well as a huge library of personal art portfolios.  I’ve been a member since 2005 myself, thanks to a rather “interesting” introduction to it from my then fiancé now husband.  Let’s just leave it at that.
    9. Yuri Arcurs happens to be the most successful microstock photographer in the world.  Like Trey Ratcliff, he’s a bit full of himself, but most highly successful people are.  I guess I need to work on becoming more self-absorbed.
    10. pdn Photo District News is perhaps a bit on the highfalutin side, which frankly doesn’t completely jibe with me.  However, I enjoy reading photography news, following interesting contests, advanced tutorials and of course beautiful images.  Highly recommended.

4 Responses to Photography Websites – Best 10

  1. Jermaine says:

    Definitely some great sites there to aspire to. I’m a big fan of weatherscapes as well – there’s just something about pictures of nature at it’s most ferocious that stirs the imagination

  2. Thank you Rachael, you have introduced me here to a few new sites I was not aware of. Your site is also very interesting. I will keep visiting. Have followed you on Twitter. Cheers for now, Steve

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