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Since my family and I are FINALLY moving off this damn mountain and back to the city of Napa, I decided to compile a collection of beautiful Napa photos.  I have in the past published an article on Photoluminary containing my own Napa Valley photos.  However this post is a collection of my favorite Napa photos found on Flickr.  Enjoy!

Indian Summer in Napa Valley

Old Train Lights napa

Autumn colors in the Napa valley

Old Barn in a field of mustard

Ballooning in Napa photos

headless in Napa Valley

Autumn : Napa Tuscan Castle and vineyard

Convergence napa trail

"Nicole's California Trip ~Downtown Napa" 33.

Napa, CA Uptown Theater blade sign and marquee

3 Responses to Napa Photos

  1. Aaliha Thompson says:

    Wow, these photos are just astonishing. Even more if u live in new York city and the only thing u see are brick buildings. I just love the nature you captured. You are amazingly talented. I even don’t know which one my fav is sonce they’re all so beautiful. Best regards from NYC

  2. snapchris says:

    Glad you liked my pictures of Napa

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