Photos Of Female Faces – Self-Portraits

So, I have been taking a lot of photos of my own face, which I promise I won’t subject you to!  However, this practice has spurred me to write a new post in photoluminary.  I suppose that I’ve had a bit of writer’s block in recent days.  It happens to everyone from time to time I suppose.  Anyway, good thing photography is mostly a visual thing, or I’d be in trouble!

In my process of taking self-portraits, which is something I’ve been doing for literally twenty years now, I recently ran across a great Flickr group which consists of nothing but self-portraits.

While I suppose I enjoy looking at the occasional handsome face, let’s face it, female faces are simply much easier on the eyes generally.

So, I have decided to compile my favorite photos of female faces from the Self Portrait group on Flickr.

My tastes are always a bit different than the norm, so you won’t find any polished, smiling, young business women with headsets on in this collection.  Promise 🙂


148 self



Sunday Seance



summer never felt so good

Bike Ride

115 Self

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