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Since I live in the Napa Valley, I often take photos of vineyards and other scenery from the area.  Most of these are actually for sale at premium stock sites such as iStockphoto and Shutterstock, which are the only places that I offer the high resolution versions.  I also don’t permit the smaller free versions of these same images to be used for commercial purposes.  The free versions of all of my stock photos are offered under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.  In other words, you can use these images in a non-commercial way and I require attribution to

So, without further ado, here are the free versions of my Napa Valley photos.  If you would like to download an image, you can first click on it to open the full size, and then right click and choose “Save Image As…” :

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All of the above photos were taken in the last two years in Napa, Saint Helena, and Calistoga.  I have lived in the Napa Valley for most of the last sixteen years, and to be honest, have never been attracted to wine culture.  Even in my early twenties when I drank a lot, I could have cared less about all things related the Napa Valley wine culture.  These days I am a teetolar, and so the wine culture still means nothing to me!

However, as a photographer and artist, I see the beauty in my environs these days and like carry my camera with me in the spring and fall when driving around the valley.  A few months ago I took some rather dreary winter vineyard shots in HDR which turned out darkly beautiful, in my opinion.  Personally, I have seen a lot of beautiful sunlit or sunset lit photos of vineyards, and it seemed like time to provide some different imagery of the valley.  A few of those dark wintry vineyard photos are now for sale at Shutterstock in high resolution for commercial purposes.

Anyway, with winter drawing to an end, and spring around the corner, I am looking forward to getting out in the valley and taking some beautiful mustard flower shots.  The mustard festival is just around the corner, and many Napa Valley photos are used for this event.

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