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While Photomatix Pro is considered the ideal software for creating HDR images, this tutorial list will focus on using the GIMP.  GIMP is a free image editing program used by many people who either can’t afford or choose not to purchase Photoshop for photo manipulation.

Stepping Stones

If you haven’t yet, you can download the GIMP here:

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Windows GIMP Download

Mac GIMP Download


Prior to reading the rest of this article, I recommend checking out my HDR tutorial, which is a step by step guide to HDR photography using Photomatix Pro.  The introductory sections go into subjects such as using single RAW files to create a pseudo HDR image, and how to properly bracket exposures.

I would like to direct you to some great GIMP HDR tutorials and plug-ins:

  • This GIMP HDR Plug-In requires that you first take three bracketed exposures of a scene.  Further instructions can be found on thedownload page.
  • The second Plug-In, is for creating a pseudo HDRlook with a single image.
  • ThisGIMP HDR tutorial describes a process using three bracketed images, as well as some basic information on bracketing and dynamic range.
  • This tutorial describes a two step process using two free programs, Qtpfsgui and GIMP.  Qtpfsgui is an extremely basic HDR program, but might be fun to try if you have never tried HDR.  However, if you want to produce HDR images like the Pros, Photomatix is most definitely what you need.
  • The next tutorial is called “Fake HDR Look In GIMP Tutorial”, and requires only one image to create a pseudo HDR.
  • This Flickr discussion contains some helpful instruction on HDR with the GIMP.

In addition to the above plug-ins and tutorials, I found some great YouTube videos that I have embedded here:

Drachen im Wind

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