10 Dismal Black and White Photos

In this day and age we are exposed to quite a lot of depressing and dismal imagery on the news.  Here’s some more!

It was hard to find these photos on Flickr.  Mostly what I found were photos of young emo types posing in stairwells with their heads in their laps, girls writing depressing stuff on their arms and/or putting pieces of paper over their mouths with handwritten words like “silenced”.  Original.  I had to stop the search before losing my mind due to the sheer repetition.  So, instead of 20 photos as usual, you get 10.


Hong Kong Day #1 by Jonathan Kos-Read, on Flickr

Craziness in my heart makes me wonder why love is blind when I can see everything I by bye bye オモイデ, on Flickr

Dreich by deboraborialis, on Flickr

Plough Your Own Furrow by, on Flickr

In The Wake Of Alzheimer’s by Mark L Edwards, on Flickr

Lost For Words (Day 262) by jimnomad, on Flickr

the Sadness by Michael Sheets, on Flickr

Ladri di bicicletas by José m_brito, on Flickr

sad fruit seller by glennbat, on Flickr

Love In A Cold Climate, Windsor by flatworldsedge, on Flickr

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  1. Daniel says:

    The last one is my favourite ,nice selection !

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