Photographs of Genuine Happiness

Negative emotions, such as anger, tend to get a lot more attention and press.  However, positive emotions such as happiness deserve to be paid homage to as well…if only to help them spread.

Enjoy these 20 photos of genuine happiness.

Joy by gunnisal, on Flickr

Happiness by An Gobán Saor, on Flickr

Joy! by luvi, on Flickr

Happiness by Tony LI38, on Flickr

joy by susanne anette, on Flickr

JOY by André Pipa, on Flickr

joy by Asli Kodan, on Flickr

joy unlimited by Aravindan Rajaram, on Flickr

Jazz vs Joy … part 1 / 4 >> by Wicked posse, on Flickr

anticipate joy by demandaj, on Flickr

Joy by Aleksandar Shavikin, on Flickr

She came and bestowed Joy [..Dhaka, Bangladesh..] by Catch the dream, on Flickr

Happiness is Fleeting, but Joy is Forever by Aaron Eakin, on Flickr

Joy by remuz [Jack The Ripper], on Flickr

Happiness is … by Terence Pang Photography, on Flickr

Happiness by alesai_77, on Flickr

Happiness by NickyHighlander, on Flickr

Meaning of Happiness by Rezwan Razzaq, on Flickr

Happiness by Foto Jazz Creations, on Flickr

Happiness. by Magdalena Sobkowiak, on Flickr

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