The Aurora Borealis – 20 Spectacular Photos of the Northern Lights

I must photograph this before I die!

dancing  Auroras

Aurora Borealis Over Canada (NASA, International Space Station, 01/25/12)

Level 5 Aurora Borealis in Abisko (22.01.2012)

Moonshimmering waterfall and Aurora Borealis

The Northern Lights show up the Big Dipper

Svinafellsjokull Glacier

to the moon

Tonight the Spirit Looked down upon us.

Northern Lights over Trondheim

Colourful Aurora Borealis in Finland

Lato ja kämäset revontulet

me and the aurora at sandsfjord 6-11-05

Powerful Aurora

Magical Northern Lights

Northern Lights & The Moon

Aurora 15 October 2010

Aurora Borealis, Bettles - Arctic Circle

Northern Lights

Northern lights

Old boat under Aurora Borealis II

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