Photos of Walls – Favorites from Flickr

Walls keep us in and others out.  Sometimes they protect us and sometimes they give us privacy.  Personally, I can get a bit too reliant on my walls and get way too comfy in my reclusive rut.  It’s just easier that way most of the time.  I guess the trick to health is finding the perfect balance between honoring legitimate introverted alone time, and stepping out from behind the walls both literally and figuratively.

In any case,  I spent most of my free time for the day (in-between an appointment and taking care of my kids, so you know all of an hour :)) culling through Flickr for my personal favorite photos of walls.

You can view the original on Flickr by clicking on it.


Raindrops Keep Falling...

Red boat - Venice

Framed Shadow

Nice's lamp

Child with toy hand grenade street art

~ Not Forgotten ~

The dungeon

The Wall

Bellver de Cerdanya (IV)

carla bruni:le plus beau du quartier


Orange mood

Within these Walls


Colour clothes / Ropa de color

Air Dry

blue flash - texture 61

Barber Shop



waiting for the opening

Cult directions

Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Old Color

Yad Vashem - The Valley of Communities

Morocco - The Last Days

Old wALL And Door- Muharraq

just the way i found it

Western (Wailing) Wall  - Jerusalem

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