It’s Taking a Long Time to Replace All These Images

This is something of an “unofficial” post but it felt like it was time to update the site.  During the recent hacking/accidentally erasing my entire site debacle I lost damn near every single image in the site!  That’s right, I flippin erased them while trying to get rid of the hack all by myself.  Just use your backup you say?  I’m an idiot.  I hadn’t made one since February of 2011!  I assumed all this time that my host was doing it for me.  I have a lot to learn…the hard way.

Anyway, I’ve been pouring all of my available time into uploading each image back to its rightful post.  In cases where the images are gone I have to make new ones.  Sucks, but it’s definitely a labor of love.  This is my virtual baby and I am currently it’s single parent.  Perhaps someday I can afford that virtual assistant and a team of excellent writers.  Actually, since I am so heavy into “thoughts become things” these days I will rephrase that.  “I have a virtual assistant and a team of excellent writers”.  Hahaha.

In honor of all the hackers, or should I say all of the people who have lots of skills that don’t actually count, I have compiled this image collection from Flickr.

replace images

phone hack

Jerk Festival '09

Mr Jerk


Lazy Dog

rich kid


The coward boy

Graffiti of Lonely Man in Brown Color

innovators, imitators and idiots

The Troll

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