Consciousness, Universe and Everything

This post reflects the personal spiritual Renaissance I’m experiencing right now.  I hesitate to use the word God since it can ruffle so many feathers but “God Consciousness” is the best I can do.

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Topaz B&W Effects Review – Truly Amazing

I’m not sure if there is photography software that I like as much as the Topaz Labs bundle.  Well, besides my forever “can’t live without” it Photoshop of course!  I saw a picture of a girl with a Photoshop toolbar tattooed on her forearm the other day and instantly got it.  But I digress. Topaz B&W Effects is truly amazing. Read More


Tips for Travel Photography Success

Many of us have experienced the disappointment of returning home from a vacation with a gazillion dull and disappointing photos of our travels.  Somehow, these photos just didn’t do the amazing scenery we saw on our trip any justice.  If you’ve experienced this and would like to have better photographic results from your next trip this helpful guide might be just the ticket. Excellent travel photography doesn’t have to be out of your league if you follow the tips in this article. Read More

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