Photos of Complete Idiots Carrying Signs

I don’t wish to offend anyone and turn them away from my budding photography blog, but then again…if you are hateful like the people in this post bugger off!

Signs of Madison's Tea Party: "Obama's Plan White Slavery"


God Hates Sin

deport illegals

Racist signs

all purpose protest sign

diversity is great

Dreadful Protest Sign

Dreadful Protest Sign

Hate Is Sometimes Confusing

Why Choose?  Can't You Be Both?

bigots galore

westboro baptist church and me

Happy Face of Hate

Pray For More Dead Soldiers

4 Responses to Photos of Complete Idiots Carrying Signs

  1. I have a question:

    I am creating a free language learning (Finnish) site for foreigners and use a lot of pictures for this educational purpose (and only for this).
    Anyone that wants be credited gets a credit:
    – just send the text of your name or site; whatever you want to be written on the credit-line. (See other pictures on the site).
    See also the “Credits – kiitokset”-page.
    – You also get your name there and that will be linked to your site.
    – If you are a professional photographer (or almost are), you can also send me a small add 45(high) x 60 mm(broad) (see examples on the referred page) absolutely free. It will never cost you anything => I want to help every person that is creative.

    For further information, please send me a letter to : Henry.Finland(at) and I send you a long letter about my story. ;=)



    I would like to use this picture (and probably other as well:

    The picture will be representing the word “broken” or “old” and then there will be a serie of “mended/fixed”

    Henry again.

  2. Forgot:
    I like your blog!


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