4 Tips for Frame-Worthy Vacation Photographs

When you’re back in the real world with your busy day-to-day schedule, it’s nice to have beautiful vacation photos to refer to when you want a moment to escape in your fondest memories. Although it seems easy enough, many people can’t seem to take proper vacation photos that really capture the relaxing appeal of the dynamic destination. Taking the perfect vacation photo is an art; but it can also be boiled down to a science when you consider the following four crucial tips.

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1. Feature Landmarks Often

Whether you’re holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa or mimicking the pose of the State of Liberty, having landmarks in your photos can give any picture a unique quality and personality that links the vacation destination with your experience. Although you’ll want to look for ways to incorporate landmarks, there’s no need to focus so much on this aspect that you’re unable to enjoy the experience you’re having there. For example, the Chickasaw reservation features a number of gorgeous landmarks of the Chickasaw people to incorporate into your photos, but the appeal of these landmarks varies depending on factors like lighting and angle. Be sure not to spend too much time with these subjects, and instead come back if a particular variable isn’t working in your favor.

2. Keep an Eye Out for Contrasts

Although you can manipulate the drama of virtually any contrasting colors by using photo editing tools, it’s a great idea to look for instances where these contrasts appear naturally in your surroundings. For example, a rainbow colored hot-air balloon against a clear blue sky can really stand out in a photograph. Similarly, a simple solid color against a patterned background can give your image a unique and eye-catching look. Contrasts don’t simply have to be in color, but can also be conceptual. Having your subjects wear fancy clothing on the beach or in a forest-type setting can also give your photos edge and depth.


3. Take Multiple Pictures of One Scene

When taking family photos in front of a blissful tropical beach or a blustery day in front of the White House, it’s important to take as many photographs as possible of just one scene to ensure you’ll come out with at least one good picture. Especially in larger groups, there’s a minimal chance that absolutely everyone in the group will look their best–eyes open, big smile, facing the camera, not giving each other bunny ears. However, you maximize your chances of having everyone look great in the photograph by taking several at a time, so take advantage of these odds by taking at least 10 or even up to 20 of the same shot to guarantee a great image.

4. Have a Clear Subject in Mind

With so many beautiful surroundings, it’s easy to get carried away trying to fit all of them into one photograph. The problem with this is that it often overwhelms the photograph and takes away from the distinct beauty of each subject featured. When taking portraits of individuals or groups, try to zoom in on these subjects as the focus of your photograph and let your surroundings act as the background of the image. Alternatively, if the landscape is your subject, try to keep as much of the area free from additional subjects.

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Having beautiful and tangible memories from your trip will make your vacation last longer than your departure and return dates. By adopting the simple tips above throughout your experience, capturing the brilliance of the places you visit no longer has to take away from your time spent enjoying each destination. So pack along your nicest camera and head out with confidence that your photographs will all be scrapbook and frame-worthy.

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