Moody Monday Begins!

I’m excited to post the very first Moody Monday collection.

I may have mentioned this in some past post, but I am far from being a “photo snob”.  Those photographers who denounce all HDR, camera phones, or obviously processed images make me mad!  I feel equally irritated when I hear them boasting about all of their expensive gear, complete with long-winded technical gibberish, as they denounce others for not being “real” photographers.  Barf.

Enjoy these moody photos from Flickr.
From Station to Station



on the fence

The Ones Behind You ...

Braving the elements - The Professor

Staircase to hell... lomoed!


Wet night light leaves


One Response to Moody Monday Begins!

  1. Bill Munder says:

    Awesome collection. Inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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