How to Take Photos at Night or in Low Light

Are you one of those people who loves taking photos, but only during the day? Unlike the intrepid wedding photographer, you put your camera away without a second thought when the light starts to dim, content with the idea that cameras only work well in broad daylight or in brightly lit places. Thanks to numerous not-so-favourable experiences of using a camera in dark places, your camera stays idle during the night, regardless of the many potentially beautiful and memorable photo opportunities available in the evening.

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Photographic Composition for Restaurants

It’s happened to everyone at least once: The ad is packed with pictures of an irresistible deep-dish pie, oozing with glistening cheese and crisp colorful vegetables.  Gracing the background as a sure indication of wholesome freshness, some lovely green peppers are misted with tiny droplets as they rest comfortably next to handcrafted sausages straight from Italy. Read More


Napa Photos

Since my family and I are FINALLY moving off this damn mountain and back to the city of Napa, I decided to compile a collection of beautiful Napa photos.  I have in the past published an article on Photoluminary containing my own Napa Valley photos.  However this post is a collection of my favorite Napa photos found on Flickr.  Enjoy! Read More

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