Hipstamatic Photos – 20 Amazing Images

After going through an initial fascination with the Hipstamatic app, I temporarily “forgot” about it.  Recently while on a walk with my daughter I found myself snapping Hipstamatic photos like a fiend.  I am now in love with this app again.

True, it doesn’t require a ton of skill to use, and it is something of a novelty, but it’s a fun way to take photos nonetheless.  What I particularly enjoy is the “happy accident” aspect of the Hipstamatic app.  You truly never know what you are going to get.  Sometimes the most startlingly beautiful and/or intense images are produced.  The cynics who stick their noses up at this trend need to just relax!  There will always be an honored place for true skill and talent.  A bunch of people having fun with an iPhone app will never change this.

Hipstamatic  Photos – 20 Amazing Images

Hipstamatic photos

take me home ...Hipstamatic photos

and in my dream there was Hipstamatic photos

Windmills of your mind Hipstamatic photos

Birds Hipstamatic photography

Stairway to Heaven Hipstamatic

schönenbach Hipstamatic photos images

I wish I was swimming in that beautiful pool right now!

The Pool Hipstamatic photos

passage Hipstamatic

iPhone 34/365 me Hipstamatic photos

homeless Hipstamatic images

crazy monica Hipstamatic images

Sunburst Hipstamatic images

Biarritz beach thru Hipstamatic - Pays basque - France Hipstamatic images

If I Could Fly Hipstamatic images

long Hipstamatic images

Fishermen & Huts, Port Mulgrave, Yorkshire Hipstamatic images

Hipstamatic images nude

Hipstamatic mirror

Jinka (Hipstamatic) Ethiopia images

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