How to Take Appealing Car Photos

So you want to sell a car online or in the classifieds. Well, you’re going to need to take some pictures, then. Of course, you can’t just take any pictures,
you’re going to need some that can really sell that car, really let people know what you’re offering. If you want to command top dollar on your set of wheels, here are a few tips to getting the most out of your digital camera.
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Take a Lot of Photos

As many photos as your card can carry is a good start, then you can upload them and take some more. It’s a good idea to take dozens, even hundreds of photos so that you have a wide selection to pick from when you narrow it down to just ten or fifteen shots. Get a lot of coverage, all the tires, the engine, the interior, the exterior, everything. The more photos you take, the more choices you have.

Take Flattering Shots

Taking photos under natural sunlight at mid-day will help you sell. Make sure you can really see the car, it should shine in the light. In coin collecting, it’s customary to take unflattering shots under harsh lighting in order to let collectors see every scratch and know that it’s in good quality. Car buyers don’t think that way. When they see a scratch on a beautiful car, they go and buy the piece of junk with more flattering photos. If there is some real damage you need to show, photograph it, but take shots of your car from flattering angles in pleasing light in order to pry people’s wallets open.

Save the Dramatic Angles for the Top

When taking shots of your car, it’s tempting to want to take shots from various dramatic angles, such as zooming out to get a wide angle lens shot and taking one from the front bumper, looking up at the sky. These shots look really great, they get people’s attention, but if your whole ad is nothing but glamor shots, people will start to wonder how serious you are when you can’t post any straight forward photos on there. Put a few glamor shots up top, but dedicate the rest to detail images showing off the new grille, the fresh tires and the leather interior.

Borrow a Nice Camera

Finally, don’t use your cell phone. You should be using a real digital camera for this.

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