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As an affiliate of Photomatix software from HDRsoft, I am able to grant my readers a Photomatix coupon code.  The coupon code will take an instant 15% off of any Photomatix software.

To get the instant discount, you will simply enter the following code into the order form when you are ready to purchase the software:  photoluminary

Your first step in this process is to go to the purchase page on

Photomatix purchase page

Once you are on the purchase page, you can then choose which Photomatix product you wish to purchase.  Click on the button for either the Windows or Mac version next to the Photomatix product you are purchasing.

You will then find yourself on the order page.  Enter the word “photoluminary” into the coupon code field, without the quotes, and then click the “Recalculate” button.  You will see the exact discount applied.

I would highly recommend downloading the fully functional trial version of Photomatix Pro, if you haven’t already.  The trial will never expire so you can take your time evaluating the software.  However, the saved image will have watermarks.

Once you purchase a license for Photomatix Pro, you can run the watermarked images back through the software and remove the watermarks.  This will only work if the watermarked images have received no post-processing after being saved within Photomatix Pro.  So, if you change the brightness or crop the image in Photoshop for example, and then save it again, you won’t be able to remove the watermarks.

You can download both the Windows and Mac versions of the software from the download page on, prior to using the Photomatix coupon, here:

Download trial versions of Photomatix

Also, I have written a comprehensive Photomatix Pro HDR tutorial if you have any questions on how to use the software.

Enjoy making stunning HDR images with Photomatix!

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