Pictures Of Male Faces

Recently, I wrote a post about female faces and feel that it’s time to feature some pictures of male faces as well.

As an aside, I am about nine weeks pregnant, often sick as a dog, and always bone tired.  I don’t have the energy to post much at the moment as a result.  So, expect some sporadic posting from me until I can start feeling better!

I suppose that on purely first impressions my eyes would always be drawn to a pretty female face over a handsome male face.  Not that I’m a lesbian or anything.  Well, not much of one anyway…

So, I did my usual culling through Flickr and created a collection of personal favorite pictures of male faces.  Like in my post about female faces, I didn’t pick only the most handsome faces, but the most interesting.  I hate anything too “polished” like the typical stock photo portrait, so you won’t see anything like that in this post.

So, here are my twenty personal favorite pictures of male faces from Flickr:

patitas guy in hat

man beard glasses

guy nose

Old Chap, Bristol

man sepia picture

Guard india

Darryl #6 Melancholy

not my gum drop buttons

Sigmund wrinkled man face



33/365 - Still the headache thing...

just one more smoking man

Ice Ice Baby - The Droze Series

Being No One wet male portrait

2 Responses to Pictures Of Male Faces

  1. Geoff Burns says:

    Thanks for picking my “Old Chap” photo. It is one I’m pleased with myself.
    It really was just a grabbed shot in a local pub, with the swirl of cigarette smoke in front of him.
    I had it printed up as an A4 for his daughter.
    Then he went and died, so I’m glad I was able to let her have that memory of her dad.

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