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Personally, when I think of vintage stock photos, I see images which were actually taken a long time ago.  Of course, there are modern stock photos with a vintage effect added to them in Photoshop or of models wearing vintage style clothing.  Still, since almost all of the images available on premium stock sites found with the term “vintage” are actually recently taken or created, I have decided to compile a source of actual vintage stock photos.

Since sites like iStockphoto and Shutterstock were clearly not going to yield actual vintage images, I took a look around free for all stock sites such as DeviantArt and Flickr, and wasn’t disappointed.

Here are examples from my top ten personal favorite vintage stock photos on DeviantArt:

1.  This image was submitted by quaddles of Deviant Art.  Her gallery is actually loaded with high quality vintage stock photos of such subjects as people, letters, signs and nudes.

vintage stock photos 1


2.  This vintage portrait image was submitted byinspyretash-stock.  Most of her gallery is actually decorative vintage style textures.

vintage stock photos


3.  This image was submitted by Meltys, who in addition to a lot of other stock, has a folder full of vintage images.

vintage stock photos

4.   This one was submitted to DeviantArt by Falln-Stock, who has mostly non-vintage portrait stock.

vintage stock photos


5.  The following image was submitted by vintage-visions, who as the name implies submits all vintage style stock art and images.  In fact, she has a huge gallery of nothing but vintage stock that is divided up into helpful categories.

vintage stock photos


6.  These vintage textures and papers were submitted by mellowmint.  Her gallery consists of quite a few vintage style images and textures.  Many are collaged together in a similar fashion as this one.

vintage paper stock photos


7.  I figured I would throw this set of Photoshop brushes into the mix.  They are composed entirely of actual vintage postcards owned by the creator, FidgetResources.  She has a great collection of brushes and other stock images, which have a grungy vintage feeling to them.

vintage stock photos


8.  The following vintage advertisement was submitted by inspyretash-stock.  As mentioned above, she has quite a few textures in her gallery, but there are some interesting vintage advertisements as well.

vintage advertisment image stock

9.  This vintage family photo was submitted by scarlet-designs, who also has some interesting collages and scrap booking resources in her gallery.

vintaqe stock photos


10.  These vintage children were submitted by snikkio-stock.  I love these as they remind me of some of the snapshots from my own childhood, as well as the ones from my parent’s childhood.

vintage stock photos


Here are my top ten favorite free vintage stock photos from Flickr.  To go to the original on Flickr, please click on the image:

Vintage GE Consumers Institute Frozen Foods Booklet - 1940's

Cuba Gallery: Vintage car

vintage vinyl

Vintage Photo Art

Vintage Postcard ~ Deco Girl

Vintage 70s UNCUT Simplicity 5088 Mini Dress and Tunic Size 11 Junior Petite Bust 34



She Been Breathing The Fumes...

4 Responses to Vintage Stock Photos

  1. sharon says:

    I love the vintage art of any kind.
    I have only a couple of pieces.
    So, people like you.
    I thank so much for sharing your beautiful art.

  2. Very inspiring collection. I love this style. Here is some free vintage brushes for you – Vintage girls.

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