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Edit: Since my initial writing of this post, I have learned quite a lot about Topaz Adjust and have written a few reviews:

Topaz Labs Bundle Review

The Sky above us

Topaz Adjust Version 5 Review

Currently, I’m very new to Topaz Adjust and am in the process of learning the software.  I can tell you that it is really cool!  As a result, I’ve been looking up various Online tutorials.  Unlike more established software like Photomatix Pro, there just aren’t a ton of tutorials for Topaz Adjust out there.  For now though, I have compiled a list of what appear to be the best Topaz Adjust tutorials that are already in existence.

First I will embed several Topaz Adjust tutorials found on YouTube, which I feel are worthy of watching.  This first video made by topazlabs  might be confusing if you have downloaded the trial version of Topaz Adjustversion 4, as the version being used in this video is version 2.  Still the information is helpful.

Topaz Adjust Tutorials


This second video, again made by topazlabs, goes over creating HDR effects using Topaz Adjust.


Finally, this video tutorial, which again is made by topazlabs, features a general overview using version 4 of the software.

The Topaz Labs website itself features some great tutorials as well.  There are of course Topaz Adjust tutorials, as well tutorials for all of the other Topaz software versions as well.  They have video and text tutorials, as well as a few “third party” tutorials which were submitted by users of the software.  Among the video tutorial titles are ‘Quick Photo Pop’, ‘Exposure Recovery’, and ‘Easy HDR’.  Text tutorials found on the Topaz site include ‘Quick Start’, ‘Quick Photo Pop’, Exposure Correction’, and ‘Soft HDR’.

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