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The HDR histogram in Photomatix functions in the same way that a normal histogram does.  A histogram is simply a graph which shows the brightness levels of a scene.  The left side of the graph shows the darkest levels and the right side shows the brightest.  The height points of the graph show how much if the image is found at particular brightness levels.

Prior to combining your bracketed exposures in Photomatix, you can be sure that you have captured the full dynamic range of the scene by looking at the histogram within your camera.  You don’t need to check the histogram of every exposure.  Instead, you can look at the darkest exposure, and make sure that most of the data is on the left of the histogram.  Likewise, most of the data should be toward the right on the brightest exposure.  You can then be sure that all of the intermediary exposures will have filled in the rest of the histogram, and that you have captured the entire range of the scene.


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